Businesses We Believe In

We invest in early stage, scalable and capital-efficient, businesses that focus on solutions that are consumer focused.

Founders We Invest In

We back innovators.

We invest and partner with open-minded founders who have built an internal conviction through experience. Through which they have been able to identify a huge opportunity because they see things differently from most other people.

We like gritty, straight shooters who have a bias for execution and learning, and are interested in creating valuable companies.

What Entreprenuers Can Expect

Business is not just about the solution generated or service given.

For long term success, the internal abilities of the business need to grow with market share attained. We therefore match companies with accomplished advisors in our network.

Offering founders and companies a full suit of capital partnership, from cash to advice and mentorship.

We readily invest in startups run by a capable and experienced team of professionals, diverse in thinking and experience with a laser focus on their mission.

We like companies that have a strong technology component that can be scaled across Africa and the world, allowing for a natural competitiveness that would allow for long-term growth prospects.

Finally we are looking for opportunities that generate impact, growth and development for the communities it aims to serve.

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