Portfolio Investment Criteria

The criteria noted below apply to the Fund on a macro level and provide guidance on the portfolio construction.

Geographic FocusCompanies originating in Southern Africa & Africa as a whole
Business StageInvestments must be made into Pre-Seed &Seed
Transaction SizeR750000.00 ($50 000.00) — 037,5 million ($2.5mn) typical investment size fin syndicated rounds where possible)
Control OrientationMinority or Significant Minority (8%-35%) with protections and controls
Investment StructuresPrimarily Equity with cases of convertible notes where appropriate
Portfolio BalanceThe portfolio is balanced primarily across sectors; taking into consideration sector specify risks

The Technology, Innovation & Impact Fund is an early stage technology investment fund. This is a R250M fund.

Under this fund, we invest in pre-Seed, Seed and occasionally, at Series A investments where the business can show reasonable ability to attain at least R1.5 million ($100 000.00) in revenue in the near term.
We typically seek to make investments to the value of between R800 000.00 ($50 000.00) and R18 000 000.00 ($1 200 000.00) in single investment rounds.

The Fund invests, primarily in companies competing in the following sectors:

  • Food (AgTech)
  • Health and Safety (HealthTech & BioTech)
  • Education (EdTech)
  • Fintech & InsureTech
  • Energy and Water (GreenTech)
  • Mobility (Transport, Logistics & eHailing)